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Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation Central Library was founded in 1989, after the library within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was moved to Türkan Sabancı Culture Center. The library operated inside Türkan Sabancı Cultural Center until Central Library was moved to the New Central Library service building in the Güllapoğlu Campus in May 19th 2004.
The development of collection of the Central Library has been sped up since, both by quality and quantity, with the acquisition of domestic and foreign books, and foreign scientific periodicals, first in 1997.
As a result of these developments, the collection of Central Library has thrived so rapidly that the service building couldn’t satisfy the needs. Therefore, after a revision process, then under construction and formerly planned as Rectorate and Administrative Units building was converted to Trakya University Central Library.
The Central Library has adopted providing VISUAL LIBRARY (Interactive Librarianship) services as a principle, using all technological tools needed in today’s world, in line with our understanding of users reaching the information produced in the fastest way. In accordance with this understanding, all the collection of the Central Library was entered into the library automation program, purchased in 1998, and all electronic librarianship services commenced.
Starting with the 21st century, with the terms ‘Database’ and ‘Electronic Journals’ emerging, Online Electronic Sources, which can be accessed online in full-text form, have started to subrogate printed periodicals both in Turkey and the world, and multiple databases were put into service.
In line with these developments Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation Central Library became a member of ANKOS (Anatolian University Libraries Consortium) and as of the date of the membership, all Online Database subscriptions of the university have been operated under ANKOS.
Within the body of ULAKBIM, EKUAL (National Academic License for Electronic Resources), formally known as UASL (National Academic Site License Project) was founded in 2006, and the same year our university joined this constitution.
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