Article1 – This directive regulates the conditions and principles of use of readers and researchers by the Trakya University Library.
Article 2 – Terms of Membership
Academic, administrative staff, retired academicians and students enrolled in the university can join the library with their student and staff ID cards.
Students may apply for membership to the Library and Documentation Department as long as their studentships are continuing.
Academic and administrative staff and students agree to abide by the library rules.
Library materials are not lent to students of other universities, but they can benefit from materials in the library. Teachers can loan via their libraries.
Article 3 – Terms of Loaning
a) University members can loan books according to the following rules:
Books are lent to lecturers, graduate students and doctorate students for a period of 1 month, periodicals are only lent to lecturers for a maximum of 2 volumes for 1 week,
Students and administrative staff may loan for a maximum of 15 days.
Lecturers, graduate students and doctorate students may have maximum of 5, administrative staff and students may have maximum of 3 books on them.
b) Members have to show their university ID card when receiving loaned books.
c) Books cannot be loaned via someone else’s ID card.
d) Members with overdue books cannot loan books before returning them and without paying a delay penalty.
e) Book/s can be reserved while loaned by someone else.
f) The loan period of the loaned book may be extended 3 times unless requested by another reader.
g) The Library and Documentation Department may request the loaned book back from the reader.
h) The member who has to leave the university for any reason has to get a certificate (Discontinuation Certificate) indicating that he is not affiliated with the library.
I) Application books, periodicals and master's theses, writing and rare print works, audio-visual section and materials in the computer environment cannot be loaned. However, it can be used in the library and by photocopying.
Article 4 –
a) For items that are loaned and not returned on the day, members are alerted by e-mail and telephone.
b) By the amount recommended by the Library and Documentation Department and approved by the Office of Rectorate, in direct proportion to the number of days a user fails to return loaned material in time, said user will donate the same or similar material failed to be returned.
Article 5 – In case of attempting to remove the material from the library without permission in the library entrance and controls, a legal process is applied. A report is made on those who attempted to remove materials from the library without loaning. The recorded information is recorded in the Library Automation Program. If the same person/s make similar attempts for the second time, they are notified to the units they are affiliated with (faculties, schools, etc.). Also their membership (if any) is canceled.
Article 6 – This directive is executed by the President of Trakya University.
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