Lending procedures are conducted within the scope of matters stated in the Trakya University Central Library Directive, and “Trakya University Library Regulations” published in the Official Gazette numbered 22714 in August 1st 1996.
Books shall be lent to lecturers, graduate students and doctorate students for 1 month, to students and administrative staff for 15 days; periodicals shall only be lent to lecturers for a maximum of 1 week, with a maximum of 2 volumes.
Lecturers, graduate students and doctorate students may not have more than 5, administrative staff and students may not have more than 3 books on them.
Members must show their university identity card with their library membership whilst loaning books.
Reference materials, computer programs and works and documents belonging to Trakya (from local memory) are to be used within the library and cannot be lent.
Users may reserve books online, as a part of ‘Cybrarianship Services’, given by the Central Library, provided that they take it within 3 days. Also, staff working in external units may loan 5 books for 1 month, and they may extend the due date for 3 times, 1 month each. Extensions of loan periods must be reported to the Department of Library and Documentation by the instructor.
In the event of multiple requests for the same book/s, loan period shall be confined to 1 (one) month.
Every member loaned books from the Central Library must bring the books back to the Central Library in time. With the help of the automation program, those who have e-mail addresses will be noticed via e-mail, those who have no e-mail address will be noticed via an official letter. Members who do not return the books in time will be fined for each book they fail to return. Memberships of those who get into the habit of not returning books will be terminated.
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