Objective, Content, Grounds and Definitions
(1) This regulation is issued for defining Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation and affiliated libraries and stating their organization, and duty and responsibility principles.
(1) This regulation contains Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation, Central Library, libraries of academic units and their operations and principles.
(1) This regulation was filed on the grounds of Article 12 of Higher Education Law numbered 2547, dated 04/11/1981.
a) University
implies Trakya University,
b) Department implies the Department of Library and Documentation,
c) Unit Libraries imply the libraries of academic units and branches outside of Central Library,
d) Branch Office implies the management unit of Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation,
e) Valuation Commission implies Trakya University Central Library Valuation Commission,
f) Counting and Deducting Commission implies Trakya University Central Library Counting and Deducting Commission.
Libraries are central units established to offer librarianship services by providing printed, electronic, visual and audial materials needed for the university’s education and scientific researches.
Form of Establishment
It is essential that the establishment and the organization of librarianship services are performed within the central library structure. For other academic units outside the campus area where the Central Library is located, a unit library may be established.
Management services of the library are conducted by following bodies:
a) The Department,
b) Department Management of Technical Services,
c) Department Management of Administrative Services,
d) Department Management of User Services.
Duties and authorities of the Head of Department:
a) Preparing plans, programs, annual budget drafts and job division in order to conduct library services without interruption,
b) Doing researches about technological developments in librarianship and imposing it to the library,
c) Carrying out general education and supervision about job division and personnel in order to conduct library services without interruption,
d) Submitting the report on library and documentation activities to the Rectorate at the end of each year,
e) Carrying out other activities required by the library services in accordance with this Regulation.
Duties and authorities of Department Manager
a) Carrying out the services to be provided in the libraries within the framework of the regulations made by the Department,
b) Informing the Department of Library materials and other library materials needed in libraries,
c) Carrying out the duties given by the Head of Department. Acting as a Chairman when the Head of Department is not in office.
Library Services
ARTICLE 10 – Library services are divided into two as technical services and user services. They are conducted under the responsibilities of Department Managers.
Technical Services
ARTICLE 11 – Technical services are all of the works from the selection of the whole library materials (books, periodicals, dissertations, brochures, audiovisual, etc.) to the presentation to the reader.
Services composing technical services
a) Material Supply Service: Provides tools, equipment, books, periodicals, etc. to support and support the university education and training.
b) Cataloging and Classification Service: It arranges all materials provided to the libraries according to the most suitable system and offers them to the benefit of the users,
c) Periodicals Service: Creates a periodical collection that will help and support the education and training in the university and make it available in a certain order.
User Services
ARTICLE 13 – User services are services that enable users to benefit from printed and electronic information sources and libraries in the most efficient way.
Services composing user services
a) Advisory Service: It is the service that introduces the library collection and usage within the University and outside. This service organizes training programs, provides bibliography scans, announces new publications and conducts information services to assist in the use of library material.
b) Lending Service: It is the service that provides and supervises intralibrary and interlibrary (ILL) cycles of library collection and it is responsible for the assignments about library material.
c) Audiovisual Service: It is the service that is assigned to select, provide, reproduce and serve in a certain order and to maintain its services in order to support the education, training and research.
d) Training Services: It organizes practice and internship programs for students who are educated in librarianship. It organizes training programs for library staff, students and instructors in order to provide in-service training and efficient use of library resources and services.
Utilization of Libraries
a) University faculty members, staff and students and other university members and all external researchers can use the library within the framework of the Regulations.
b) Readers of the reading room are obliged to show the material they have whilst leaving. For those who attempt to extract material without permission, legal measures are taken by taking necessary measures.
c) A report is made on those who attempted to remove materials from the library without borrowing. Recorded information is recorded and recorded in the Library Automation Program. If the same persons make similar attempts for the second time, they are notified to the units they are affiliated with (faculty, college, etc.). Also their membership (if any) is canceled.
a) Trakya University faculty members, personnel and students can loan materials from the library.
b) As a requirement of the inter-university cooperation, university libraries are open to use by faculty and students of other universities. However, they can loan material from our libraries through their own libraries.
Rules on Lending
a) Students from Trakya University libraries must present their student ID card in order to loan books. Without this card, students cannot loan material from libraries.
b) Those who work at Trakya University can loan material by showing their corporate identity cards.
c) A maximum of 3 materials can be loaned at once by students and University personnel, while instructors can loan 5 materials as long as they loan different ones.
Non-loanable material
a) Encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas etc. sources of consultation,
b) Periodicals,
c) Unpublished theses,
d) Writing and printing rare works,
e) Maps and slides,
f) Exhausted or worn artifacts identified by the units,
g) Musical notes,
h) Collection pieces, artistic material and etc.
Precautions about lending
a) Students are required to get an appraisal certificate from the library when they graduate and if their records are deleted. The names of these students shall be notified to the Department by the relevant unit without delay. Students who are indebted to the library shall not be given a certificate of exclusion. In this regard, cooperation between the Directorate and the Registrar's Office and the academic units is made.
b) The faculty members who are dismissed from the university for any reason must return the materials they loaned and must obtain a certificate of exit from their library and the central library. This process is carried out in cooperation with the Department and Personnel Department.
c) The user is obliged to use the material he / she loans and to return it on the indicated return date.
d) Users cannot loan new materials unless they return the loaned material at the end of the loan period.
e) In direct proportion to the number of days a user fails to return loaned material in time and fails to extend the loan period, said user will donate the same or similar material failed to be returned.
Wear and loss of loaned material
ARTICLE 20 – In the event of damage or loss of loaned material;
a) The material of the library that is damaged or lost is firstly provided from the market.
b) In case the material that cannot be supplied is documented, the value determined by the Commission is paid. In addition, (if any) accrued delay penalty is taken.
Final clauses
Valuation Commission
ARTICLE 21 – The valuation commission determines the current values of the library materials that readers have lost or damaged, and determines the value of the materials that are donated to the library. It consists of at least 3 (three) people. The valuation commission determines the current price by making a market survey to determine the value of the library material. The decision of the valuation commission shall be submitted to the approval of the authorizing officer.
It identifies the value of donated and unpriced material to put them in inventory records.
Counting and Deducting Commission
a) Every year Head of Department establishes the “Counting and Deducting Commission” for all counting and deducting procedures in the library. The worn-out material is deducted by the Commission decision and submitted to the approval of the authorizing officer.
b) The Commission may decide on the deduction of the material in the event that a material is lost for any reason other than intent, fault, neglect, negligence and carelessness. However, in order to determine the amount to be deducted, in accordance with the provisions of the Movable Property Regulation, the transfer of the movables from the records through the transfer, destruction, scrapping, sale and preparation shall be given in Table 1, which is published in the Official Gazette dated March 04, 2015 and numbered 29285. (D) The sub-section titled “Removal of Movable Goods “shall be considered. The removal of the movables from the records shall be made by the authorizing officer within the specified limits, and the ones above the limit shall be approved by the relevant senior manager.
Utilization of electronic resources
ARTICLE 23 - Electronic resources can only be accessed by the instructors and students of Trakya University from inside and outside the campus. Numerous publications cannot be copied by robots or similar software and systematically transmitted to personal computers or external memory. Articles, books, theses, etc. copied from the databases, part or all of the documents cannot be distributed through data storage tools, mailing lists and sent to persons outside the University. The Rectorate shall be notified of the necessary legal action against the user who does not comply with the above rules.
 Abolished regulation
ARTICLE 24 – ‘Trakya University Library Regulation ’published in the Official Gazette dated 01/08/1996 and numbered 22714 has been abolished.
Legal Clauses
ARTICLE 25 – In cases where there are no provisions in this Regulation, the provisions of other relevant legislation are applied.
ARTICLE 26 – This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
ARTICLE 27 – The provisions of this Regulation are executed by the Rector of Trakya University.
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