The Central Library assists the supply of readerly services such as library utilization, access to information, searching publications from bibliographies and abstracts, providing sources and utilization of databases and electronic journals, and gives user trainings for Trakya University lecturers, students, personnel and researchers.
The Central Library users can reserve books online from the “Index Scan” menu on the Library’s website, as a part of “Cybrarianship” services provided by the Central Library, provided that they take it in 3 days. Trakya University lecturers, graduate students and doctoral students may loan up to 5 books for a period of 1 month, students and administrative personnel may loan up to 3 books for 15 days, and only lecturers may loan up to 2 volumes of journals for 1 week. Lecturers working outside of Edirne may loan 5 books for 1 month and can extend that time for 1 month each for 3 times. Lecturers outside of Edirne may not loan reference sources, theses, manuscripts or rare printed works.
Lending services in the Central Library are conducted under “Trakya University Central Library Directive”.
Central Library provides users with internet services via the computers in the Internet Rooms; users can utilize the computers for doing a thesis, using CDs, and printing.
Periodical services are given in the periodical room in the B Block of Central Library. To minimize the time of lecturers and researches reaching the information, “Table of Contents” pages of journals bought in the first stage are input into the automation program. Users can reach “Table of Contents” of journals in the search results from the “Index Scan” menu. There are also both local and national newspapers in the periodical room.
The process of giving the university’s own published works ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and ISBN (International Standard Book Number) numberings are carried out by the Department of Library and Documentation.
With Interlibrary Loan Tracking System (KITS), which aims to track resource sharing processes between libraries and information centers of high education institutions, books from other university libraries are brought into the Central Library. Also, to answer the need of academic information of researchers, sources are provided by TÜBESS (A national documentation providing system), which enables resource sharing by lending and/or making copies between information centers and institutions via the national union catalogue (TO-KAT).
In today’s world, where rapid-access to information is vital, databases with thousands of full-text journals have become the most preferred way of researchers for getting information.
Online Databases consist of two sections: “Subscribed Databases” and “Trial Subscription Databases”. Numerous and various trial subscriptions are implemented into the system yearly to ensure lecturers, students and researchers reach the latest information by means of periodicals and thus articles that are internationally well accepted.
After the trial subscription, databases decided to be fully subscribed are bought as a part of ANKOS (Anatolian University Libraries Consortium) and ULAKBİM EKUAL (National Academic License for Electronic Resources), thus are added into the “Subscribed Databases” section.
a) Catalog Scan:
In line with the principle and aim of providing electronic information retrieval services by switching the Central Library into an automated system, current resources can be accessed online by scanning the materials added to the automation program of the library with the catalog scan option on the Central Library Website. Users can scan current resources in the Central Library by filling the spaces in the search bar, and reserve the ones they want.
b) Reserving Books:
Users can reserve the books they want by clicking the “Reserve” button if the book is loaned by another reader or is seen ‘loaned’, after finding it on “Catalog Scan” menu. Reserved books must be taken from the Central Library in 3 days. To benefit from this usage, readers must have a membership to the Central Library.
c) Extending Loan Period:
Users can see their loaned books and due dates by logging into “Members Only” section in the Catalog Scan menu. You can extend the loan period by clicking the section right below the word “EXTEND”.
d) Publication Request Form
Publication requests about the books wished to be bought are made with “Publication Request Form”. Books wished to be brought into the Central Library and required by lecturers, personnel and students are forwarded by “PUBLICATION REQUEST FORM” in the Central Library Website, and then are bought. Aforementioned form is affiliated with library automation program and if the book is already in the library, it warns the user and gives print-outs of already existing books. To ensure this program works orderly, users must fill out the form completely and accurately.
e) Trakya University Academic Open Access System
Started within the body of Trakya University Department of Library and Documentation Central Library, open access initiatives aims to provide both conventional methods to reach information and benefiting from technological developments, thus delivering all information made by Trakya University Lecturers to everyone, online, and free.
In these open access resources, scientific publications or publishable works in both national and international indexes, reports, project copies, conference presentations, reports, lecture notes and written chapters of books of Trakya University Lecturers are all provided.
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