T.U. Open Access and Institutional Archive Policy



To collect, compile and protect the academic studies (articles, book chapters, thesis, project, report, conference announcements, technical documents, data sets, banners, video record etc.) which are produced in printed and electronic media in Trakya University and to establish Open Access and Institutional Academic Archive System in accordance with national and international Open Access standards.
Open Access is one of the tools to share scientific research in a way different from the traditional subscription model of academic publishing. It has an important potential to increase scientific studies and enrich educational content in order to reduce barriers to access to academic studies. On the other hand, it reduces the costs of broadcasting and thus provides free access to content for readers, practitioners and researchers.
The open access of the academic studies produced within the University will enable the visibility of these studies and the recognition of the university, and will enable more project support from the public and private sectors in the new researches. For this reason, it has been decided to establish an open access mechanism for the academic studies of our university members.
a) Compiling and preserving the academic studies produced within the body of Trakya University.
b) Presenting the academic studies produced within the body of Trakya University to international access through the Open Access and Institutional Academic Archive system.
c) Creating a corporate memory.
Urgent Storage: Expresses the process of storing a copy of the academic studies in Trakya University Open Access System immediately after passing the referee inspection provided that it is not later than the publication date.
Open Access: Refers to the ability to access the academic work carried out by a Trakya University member in a digital environment without paying any obstacles. These studies include articles, theses, outputs of the projects, book chapters, reports, conference announcements, technical documents, datasets, banners, video recordings and open course materials that have been awarded the right to be published in an academic journal.
Personal Archiving: Refers to the process of storing an intellectual contribution of a Trakya University member to Trakya University Open Access and Institutional Academic Archive System.
Academic Studies: Refers to the studies of Trakya University members, the funds they receive and the creative activities.
Trakya University Members: Refers to the Trakya University academicians, personnel and students.
Corporate Archive: Refers to the system that academic studies produced at Trakya University are archived and presented to open access.
Embargo: Refers to keeping the results of the research closed for a certain period of time (6 - 12 months).
a) This policy covers the academic studies conducted by Trakya University, directly or indirectly supported by the members of our University. The work of Trakya University members outside the Trakya University is available in the Open Access System if they wish.
b) Trakya University members can also store academic works previously archived in a different open access system and accessible through the internet in Trakya University Open Access System.
a) In accordance with legal conditions, Trakya University may archive an electronic copy of the Trakya University open-access system with a license agreement valid in the whole world in a way that does not violate the terms of the agreements made with the publishers.
b) The following processes can be followed to support the highest level of access to academic studies that have been approved for publication in an academic journal:
1. Access to some individual work may be restricted or completely prevented by embargo or similar conditions.
2. A member of Trakya University can archive this version of his / her approved article to be published in an academic journal through peer review in the Academic Academic System.
3. Members of Trakya University can send their work for publication via the “Open Access” option; also considering the agreements and archiving options with the authors, access to the studies can be applied in two ways: “Open to Public Access” and “Open Access at the End of the Embargo Period” (the embargo period should not exceed 12 months).
c) The Library and Documentation Department works in coordination with the members of the university to compile all academic studies and archive them in the Open Access System in accordance with the standards.
d) Department of Information Technology provides installation, updating, back-up, long-term protection and secure archiving of the Open Access System.
Under the legal conditions, each member of Trakya University acknowledges and agrees that their intellectual works will be stored in accordance with the principles of distribution and protection in a public manner, in a way that will not violate the terms of the agreements made with Trakya University Open Access System.
Archiving Responsibility for Multi-author Studies
Trakya University members can archive their work in collaboration with more than one institution in Trakya University Open Access System. The author writes the first author in the multi-authored studies conducted by more than one Trakya University member.
Effective Implementation of Open Access Policy
a) The Institutional Academic Archive Advisory Board is obliged to evaluate the policy every year in the first three years following the entry into force of this policy and every three years at the end of these three years. The Board submits its suggestions and opinions to the Rectorate when it considers it necessary to revise or amend the policy.
b) This policy is executed by the Rectorate of Trakya University.
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